Hello & Welcome!!

Prior to my retirement in 2019, I spent 30 successful years in a corporate position in Human Resources.

I enjoy teaching, guiding and supporting others. 

Love spending time with my husband, children, grandchildren, friends and my sweet dog Seger.

My passions are flower gardening, collecting angels, crystals and of course Reiki!

I enjoy my wonderful bird feeding station in my yard while relaxing on my deck.

Always a student, frequently reading and taking classes. I love learning about health, healing and inner growth. 


I practice self-Reiki daily to continue being the best version of myself.

I have experienced decades of self-discovery and inner growth, diving below the surface to bring my own unhealed wounds and limiting beliefs to the surface for my personal health and healing.

Looking forward to hearing about what inspires you!

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The practitioner is not a "healer", but instead acts as a conduit for the flow of Divine energy.

The answers and healing reside within the client to connect to their own well-bein​g and empowerment.