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 Reiki Session Experience 

~Sessions typically lasts 35-40 minutes with an additional 15 minutes to answer any questions.

~You will remain fully clothed but can remove shoes, glasses, belts and any bulky jewelry, for your comfort.

~The lights are lowered with quiet, gentle and calming music.

~I will encourage you to take a few slow deep breaths.

~I typically remain silent, allowing you to deeply relax into the session.


~Your comfort is my first priority!

~It's not unusual  to fall asleep during a session. 

~Closing your eyes is strongly encouraged for deeper relaxation.

~Reiki sessions are frequently done with a gentle touch or can be done completely hands-off.

~Traditional hand placements that are frequently used include areas on and around the head, neck, upper chest, abdomen, knees and feet, and also may be on the shoulders, elbows and hands.


~The energy of Reiki has its own intelligence and intuitively knows where to go.

~This might be an abstract concept for many people, those who experience a session often understand it more thoroughly after the session is completed.


~During the Reiki session you may feel waves of subtle energy gently moving through your body.

~It is important to remember that Reiki works on all levels, while there may not be a physical sensation, the energy could be working on a deep emotional or spiritual level.


~After the session is complete, you are gently awakened and given a few moments to sit up slowly.

~Drinking water is always encouraged after a session, it helps to facilitate the cleansing process.

~Your first Reiki session may bring about personal change, balance, clarity and an enhancement to your intuitive guidance.

~Each Reiki session is unique!

Distance Reiki Experience

~Distance Reiki allows Reiki Practitioners to send Reiki to people wherever they are around the world.

~Reiki is not restricted by time or space.

~Distance Reiki sessions have powerful results.

~At the time of your appointment I will call you to discuss any questions/concerns that you may have.

~You will need to be in a space where you will be undisturbed and able to relax either laying down or sitting in a comfortable chair.

~Once your session is complete, I will reconnect with you by phone. We can then discuss your experience.

~Some people experience physical sensations such as warmth, coolness, tingling and others don't notice any sensations at all.

~Reiki is at work regardless.

~Many experience changes at a later time.

~It is always important that you drink plenty of water before and after the session since the body is releasing itself of physical, mental, 

emotional and spiritual stagnation.